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= Romaji phrase.
= English translation.
= Often spoken by a female.
= Often spoken by a male.
= Can be spoken by either male or female.
= Yakuza slang or terminology.
* = Click these for additional info.

If you do happen to see the Yakuza icon next to a word, that means it is mostly used by men, but I left the female icon there because I'm sure they use it, too. The Yakuza or gangster community usually invert words and scramble syllables so that they will not be understood by outsiders. Thus, you may see a similarity in the word or words before it, and yes, they are the same and they are more vulgar and inappropriate to use because it IS gangster language.

Another thing is that there's more than one way in which to say a certain word, this depends on context for the most part. Depending on how you are using the word in question, and what comes before and after that word, determines the context and which word you need to be using.

You may also notice that there are many words on this site which need accent marks above them, well...I can't find the proper marks in any of my fonts that would enable me to put them in here correctly. If you know where I can find a font set with the accent marks, let me know please.