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I was actually thinking about doing a site like this for a long time. I've bought a few books that are all about Japanese slang, and I have seen so many other sites out there with Japanese words that everyone--or almost everyone knows. I have found a few sites that offer up full sentences or phrases in Japanese that are nothing like the others. There are sites that include Japanese words, but they limit them to a certain anime or anime in general and nothing else.

I wanted to make a site where there would be a great deal of Japanese words and phrases that no one else has introduced to those who want to learn something different. Everything on my site came directly from my books, and most of the words and or phrases on this site are, in fact, slang; and not a part of the "politically correct" Japanese language. There was a lot in these books I did not use because I didn't think they would come in handy for anyone or they just don't apply to the audience I'm trying to reach.

Regardless, I decided to make this site as a way of spreading Japanese slang, which is used now in Japan to quite a great extent. It is especially popular with the youngsters, teens, and younger adults. Thus, if you like my site, feel free to email me. Or, if you like it enough to link me, there are buttons below. Thanks for making the visit. ^_^

FYI - I won't have much of the basic and "everyone knows that" Japanese here, it's mostly just slang and rarely found words. If you want to learn some of that, I have provided links to other sites that offer the things that my site does not.

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