Network Collective

My Dong Bang Shin Gi collective.

I Move The Stars For No One
My Labyrinth (the movie) collective.

My collective site of Japanese slang.

My Hero
My tiny clique for Kim Jaejoong.

Obsess Much
My trading Card Game [TCG] collective.

My owned fanlisting collective.
My JaeHo/YunJae collective on its own domain.


The basics are all listed here, but if you want to know any more then you'll have to check out my profile~!
» asian everything; writing; eating; drinking; sleeping; yaoi; english; dongbang; kim jaejoong; yunjae; reading; purple; smoking; teaching; taco bell; strawberries; web-design; anything sugary

» politics; work; idiots; school; hypocrites; shit-talkers; bi/rain; pop-tart girls; cough syrup; wasabi; poseurs; liars; haters; math; science; reality tv; weight loss commericals; anti-smoking commercials


Coming later.


I <3 Afro Ken I <3 Alcohol Kodamas are the SHIT! I smoke Marlboro 100s My hamster Pucca, R.I.P.