Domain FAQ

Q: Can I use _____ from your website?

A: Go for it. Just give me credit if I made it or had a hand in making it. That's all I ask.

Q: Can I link you?

A: Yeah! Publicity rocks.

Q: Can you link me?

A: Sure! Just drop me a line.

Q: But what is your email?

A: That's on my profile page.

Q: What graphics programs do you use?

A: Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Adobe Animator, Photo Impact 8.5, and Paint Shop Pro 6.0.

Q: What other programs do you use?

A: Notepad, SmartFTP, MapMaker 32, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, and ShoeLace's Picture Dicer.


The basics are all listed here, but if you want to know any more then you'll have to check out my profile~!
» asian everything; writing; eating; drinking; sleeping; yaoi; english; dongbang; kim jaejoong; yunjae; reading; purple; smoking; teaching; taco bell; strawberries; web-design; anything sugary

» politics; work; idiots; school; hypocrites; shit-talkers; bi/rain; pop-tart girls; cough syrup; wasabi; poseurs; liars; haters; math; science; reality tv; weight loss commericals; anti-smoking commercials


Coming later.


I <3 Afro Ken I <3 Alcohol Kodamas are the SHIT! I smoke Marlboro 100s My hamster Pucca, R.I.P.