I wanted to show my love for Young Woong, but I wanted to do it in an oldschool way. So I made a clique, because I still remember when cliques were kick ass things to stick on your website and say "I joined this." I made the site name because...well...Hero is my hero. He's also my Hero. It's a big play on words. ^_^

I do love DBSG, don't get me wrong, but if I had to choose a member that was my favorite, indeed it would be Hero. He's such a beautiful bishie, and I love his hair. ^_^ His voice is totally amazing, I get woozy just listening to it. I also love to stare at his photo poses and those seductive expressions he has and just drool. Young Woong is soooo sexy and I know for a fact that he knows he's sexy, too. ^_^*

I also made a clique because most people don't really use those 50x50 buttons like they do on fanlistings. It would give me a chance to make cute little pixels and use those instead of buttons. I just love Hero so much, and I made this clique for those of you who believe he is your hero and love him like I do. Sarang he, Hero!