Domain Hosting

For right now, hosting is by invite only. I'm not sure how much space I'll have left once I am done creating websites -- if I do at all. Heh. Plus, that's mainly why I bought this domain...for my own use. Not that anyone would actually want to be hosted that badly with me, but yeah. It's by invite only right now. Mianhae~


The basics are all listed here, but if you want to know any more then you'll have to check out my profile~!
» asian everything; writing; eating; drinking; sleeping; yaoi; english; dongbang; kim jaejoong; yunjae; reading; purple; smoking; teaching; taco bell; strawberries; web-design; anything sugary

» politics; work; idiots; school; hypocrites; shit-talkers; bi/rain; pop-tart girls; cough syrup; wasabi; poseurs; liars; haters; math; science; reality tv; weight loss commericals; anti-smoking commercials


Coming later.


I <3 Afro Ken I <3 Alcohol Kodamas are the SHIT! I smoke Marlboro 100s My hamster Pucca, R.I.P.