Domain History

I remember when I first opened a site WAY WAY WAY back at angelfire. It was all based on Sailormoon because I had a thing for it then. I had a special page for all the webrings I joined because those things were HUGE back in the day. Everything clashed, but I didn't care, I was proud of it. Then, I believe I moved my site over to tripod and tried to change the look and I started to get advanced a little in HTML. I then got into asian music and anime, and started spawing off sites at geocities to show my love for those interests. I eventually moved my site to ( which is now some weird russian website ), and tried the personal domain thing there. When that site shut down, I moved back to geocities. Eventually, Jo from asked if I wanted to be hosted by her. I was so excited about it that I accepted and was hosted at her domain for quite some time. She switched domain names a couple times and kept re-hosting me, but then she just shut down her hosting and I had to find a new home. Thus, I moved my website to brinkster. By this time I had tons of sites all over the place dedicated to fanlistings, cliques, interests, etc. I finally got sick of all the banners and ads, and I bought my own domain, This domain was registered on August 10, 2003. I bought the domain through, and I also have hosting by them. This domain is registered for 4 years, so it's mine! I have heard many bad things about and to tell the truth, I have not had any problems with the services. The customer service is really great, the reps are very nice and friendly, and it's just an all around great service. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to have their own domain!

The name is actually my name in Japanese. My real name Jaclyn, is koukeisha in Japanese, meaning successor. I think it fits, ne? I was thinking about or -- but that's kinda long and I didn't think about another name until I wanted to get a tattoo. See, that's where koukeisha came from also. When I can afford it, I am going to get a tattoo of my name in Kanji right down the center of my back. Kou - kei - sha. I also chose a name in Japanese because...well...I love anything Japanese. Actually, I love the entire Asian culture (Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipino, etc.) Thus, was born!

Enjoy your stay, thank you, come again. ^_^


The basics are all listed here, but if you want to know any more then you'll have to check out my profile~!
» asian everything; writing; eating; drinking; sleeping; yaoi; english; dongbang; kim jaejoong; yunjae; reading; purple; smoking; teaching; taco bell; strawberries; web-design; anything sugary

» politics; work; idiots; school; hypocrites; shit-talkers; bi/rain; pop-tart girls; cough syrup; wasabi; poseurs; liars; haters; math; science; reality tv; weight loss commericals; anti-smoking commercials


Coming later.


I <3 Afro Ken I <3 Alcohol Kodamas are the SHIT! I smoke Marlboro 100s My hamster Pucca, R.I.P.