Domain Credits

I give major thanks to for hosting me. I also give a lot of thanks to for most of the brushes I use. Oh yes, and I can't forget Fontalicious for the kick ass fonts. Ehhh, also, The Fanlistings for accepting and listing my numerous fanlistings. Adobe for their great image editing software. Jasc for their kick ass image editing software, Macromedia for their incredible website making material. More to come as I use stuff that deserves credit...


The basics are all listed here, but if you want to know any more then you'll have to check out my profile~!
» asian everything; writing; eating; drinking; sleeping; yaoi; english; dongbang; kim jaejoong; yunjae; reading; purple; smoking; teaching; taco bell; strawberries; web-design; anything sugary

» politics; work; idiots; school; hypocrites; shit-talkers; bi/rain; pop-tart girls; cough syrup; wasabi; poseurs; liars; haters; math; science; reality tv; weight loss commericals; anti-smoking commercials


Coming later.


I <3 Afro Ken I <3 Alcohol Kodamas are the SHIT! I smoke Marlboro 100s My hamster Pucca, R.I.P.